3 Reasons Why There is No Intrinsic Value in Going Digital

Throughout the history of man, new things have come to become popular and then faded after new things come to replace them. As much as I love technology, it is only a tool and there is no intrinsic value in going digital. Here are some insights we found when interviewing successful leaders regarding digital transformation.

1. Technology is the tool, not the target

Before starting a change, companies need to think what they are trying to achieve with the change. In our interviews, companies were looking one or more of the following on their digital transformation:

  • Customer Experience
  • New products and services
  • Culture
  • Competitive advance
  • Profitability

2. Going digital can make the customer experience worse

As a mother of young children, I was used to filling tens of paper forms throughout the entire year to match the requirements set by public services regarding agreeing on vacations times and day care times for the day care.

Just as I thought, the process couldn’t be any worse, it became digital. Instead of blindly digitizing the process, it would have created a better customer experience to ask if the customer needs to fill the forms in the first place.

Sometimes the best customer experience is gained by not using digital channels.

3. Mobile is just another channel

There is so much hype around web and mobile channels that it almost seems like they are the only viable options for a business. Someone owning a retail store might easily be fooled to thinking that the only way to succeed in the future would be to go digital:

  • Utilize social tools
  • Create a web store
  • Create a mobile store

In fact, it is not true that all companies need to be digital to succeed. During the digital era, consumers are now able to choose between real-life and digital channels. What makes you successful is to be able to figure out what makes your customer’s clock tick and to deliver that better than anyone.

Customers expect the experience to transfer smoothly between channels and real-life. For someone using the web store as an online catalogue before going to the ground floor shop, having the same prices in the web and in the shop, could be great.


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Kati Lehmuskoski

One thing that leaders seemed to agree was that the speed of the change is only going to increase!

Together with Timo Savolainen we have been interviewing top leaders who have performed a successful change in their organizations.